How to Reactivate your Instagram?

This blog will teach you how to turn back on your Instagram account when you have deactivated it temporarily and how to appeal a deactivated Instagram account. If your account has been deleted, the only option left is to create a new one.

·        Start by  reactivating your account
·         Make sure that your account has been deactivated for long enough, after choosing to deactivate your account. You need to follow a few more steps. During this time, you won't be able to reactivate your account. If you deactivated your account one day ago, then you can log in back without any trouble.
·         Its mandatory to know that you can't reactivate a deleted account
·         Once you chose to delete your account, you won't be able to revive it thereafter.
·         Open your Instagram
·         Tap upon the Instagram app icon, which resembles a purple whitish camera-shaped icon.
·         Now enter your username, email address and phone number
·         Do this in the top next field, just use any of these credentials as long as they are associated with the account you are willing to reactivate. Depending on the screen to which IG loads, you may have to tap a log in button or link in to view the login page.
·         Enter your password.
·         Do it in the password, text box. If you don't remember your password, you will be needing to reset it.
·         Just tap Log in
·         It must be located at the bottom of the screen. As long as your credentials are correct, doing so will log you into Instagram and reactivate your account.
·         Follow any of the on-screen instructions
Depending upon how long have your Instagram been deactivated, you should accept updated terms of use before you can further proceed your account. Logging back into your account will reactivate it, so you don't have to perform any reactivation steps.

Appealing a Disabled Account
Verify your account is actually suspended. Open up the Instagram app and try logging in with correct credentials. If you see a message showing " your account has been disabled or something else after logging in. Instagram disabled your account for violating the terms of use. If you see an error message like- incorrect password or username, then your account has not been disabled by Instagram.
·         Try opening the Insta appeal form. Go to "help" in the computer's web browser. You may even use this form to request that Insta allow you to access your account.
·         Enter your name
·         In the "full name" text box, enter your first and last name.
·         Enter your phone number and email address
·         Do the same in the"your phone number" and "your email address" text boxes respectively.
·         Enter your request to appeal
·         In the text box on the page, type a brief message explaining a valid reason why your account should not be deactivated. While writing down the appeal, few things should be remembered, such as:
·         Explain well that your account was deactivated and that was a mistake.
·         Avoid unnecessary apologizing, don't imply any form of fault.
·         Try to keep your tone pleasant and refrain from using harsh language.
·         Try to end your appeal with a "thank you."
·         Click the button "send."
·         It will be a blue colored button at the bottom of the page; it will then send your appeal to Instagram. If they choose to reactivate your account, you will be able to log in with a notification. You can repeat the process of appeal several times per day till Instagram reaches a decision and tell you what to do.

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